Messy Church Formby

Messy Church has been running now for a few years and has been a huge success for both St Luke’s Church and Holy Trinity Church and the two congregations that it has grown have a character of their own.

Members of the two churches came together on a cold Saturday morning to discuss and reflect on the work that is done in their name at Messy Church. The group were enthused by the work and reaffirmed their commitment to the congregations of the Messy Church. After reflecting on the work that is being done they decided that one of the venues was no longer suitable for Messy Church and
that the best space to use for one of the congregations would be Holy Trinity Parish Hall, where the facilities were more suited to the needs of the group. The group felt that this would be a affirmation of the work already being carried out.

The re-launch of Messy Church will take place on Saturday 23rd March 2013 at Holy Trinity Parish Hall followed by one in April at Redgate.

The format of Messy Church with crafts, worship and food has been very successful with the families that attend and the challenge of making activities suitable for all ages has been acknowledged. The
encouragement of our teenagers to involved, whether helping as junior leaders or being part of the session themselves will continue to be part of our mission.

Messy Church offers fun, worship and storytelling through crafts and other activities giving our young people a more suitable way of engaging with church. If you have ever though that you would like to get involved and couldn’t due to it being on a Sunday afternoon, now is your chance because the group also decided that one of the sessions (Holy Trinity) would be on a Saturday afternoon 4-6pm.

We are always looking for people to become part of the “green team” or just to turn up on the day and have fun by engaging with families through craft, food or worship. You are very welcome and we ask you to pray to see where you fit into this mission, to pray for the volunteers and families that meet in the name of your church, and to support families in their engagement with our churches.

When we see these children’s faces light up with the spirit of God we know that they have met Christ through our work, words and our love of Jesus Christ and these families are touched by this every time they come through the doors of Messy Church. If you wonder what happened or what your PCC are investing in come along and see what you are missing and then go and spread the message that Christ is alive and kicking in the name of Messy Church.

We established our vision and values which are agreed by Holy Trinity and St Luke’s PCC’s

Messy Church Formby: Statement of Vision and Values
We seek to be obedient to God’s mission and grow the kingdom of God locally by planting, nurturing and developing Messy Church in two places, one based at the Holy Trinity Parish Hall , and one at Redgate Primary School.


  1. We aim to be all–age, and therefore inclusive of all sections of the community including families, children, extended families and carers.
  2. We believe in celebration, and that church is something to be enjoyed rather than endured. We trust that Messy Church will be a great time of fun and enjoyment in the presence of Jesus.
  3. We seek to be creative, by engaging families in craft activities that help to teach the gospel, and offering contemporary worship, that is accessible and relevant.
  4. We seek to develop relationships and develop community by a shared meal and time of fellowship, recognising that food and hospitality are essential elements of the Christian community and are good for families in today’s fragmented and busy society
  5. In essence we hope that Messy Church will provide Fun, Food and Fellowship and meet people where they are in their journey of faith, whether un-churched, de-churched or from traditional church backgrounds.
  6. Messy Church is a part of the Fresh Expressions movement within the National Churches. Holy Trinity and St Luke’s who set up Messy Church Formby are Anglican churches but Messy Church aims to be open and inclusive of all denominations and traditions who can support our mission and values and is supported by Churches Together (CTiFAH)
(Acknowledgment to “Encounters on the Edge” no 46 by George Lings)

Messy Church Team